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hogwild's Journal

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Monday, October 24th, 2005
8:10 pm - emptiness
I have nothing to say.

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Monday, July 19th, 2004
12:18 pm - Woo ha!

A very useful tool!

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Sunday, April 4th, 2004
3:17 pm - so
So once in a while the great course of human events dictates that one must update their journal, one simply must.



Well, um.

Anyway, that's how exciting and creative it's been around here. But the real truth of the matter is, that I love my stupid sixties Dylan quiz result and do not want to delete it, much as stupid quizzes are the bane of livejournal and I usually regard them with unrestrained contempt. And what's worse is that I found a haiku generator that came up with such a perfect, lovely, eerily appropriate haiku for me, that I want to post it as well, but I absolutely could not do so back-to-back with my stupid sixties Dylan quiz result. That would make me another brain dead quiz-loaded unimaginative livejournal poster of nothingness. And I'm not like that. Really I'm not. Am I? Well, maybe I am. So herewith I give you my brain dead, mindless, unimaginative, automatically generated, yet eerily appropriate, beautiful machine-made haiku. Sorry.

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:hoggwild
Your haiku:so often one finds
to one's shock and surprise
that words are coming
Created by Grahame

current mood: perverse

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Saturday, August 23rd, 2003
11:12 am - I hate people who fill their journals with these dumb quiz results

Take the Which Bob Dylan Era Are You? Quiz ~ This quiz created by idiotwind

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Sunday, June 8th, 2003
5:53 pm - he's for real (I never had any doubts)

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Thursday, May 15th, 2003
10:00 am - MANDY BERWICK!!!
Mandy Berwick this, Mandy Berwick that, Mandy Berwick all over the place!!!!

More Mandy Berwick!!

Yet MORE Mandy Berwick!!

Even "Mandy Berwick"!!!!

(now let's see what happens..............)

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Saturday, May 10th, 2003
1:30 pm - HE'S BACK!!!!!!!!

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Saturday, May 3rd, 2003
7:03 pm - bet you never heard of it, either

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Saturday, April 12th, 2003
10:47 am - franzerellion
Except when things are raining down
I always like to go to town
It keeps me perky, keeps me sane
Today I'll go to town again.

current mood: zippy

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Friday, March 28th, 2003
12:05 pm - Springdom
Aloha, clouds
Aloha, flowers
Aloha, end-of-Marchness showers!

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Wednesday, March 26th, 2003
9:12 pm - Doing a job
Ask not how many plants you have to water
Ask how much water the precious things need.

current mood: smug

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Tuesday, March 25th, 2003
11:26 am - Read this!!!

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11:01 am - Hellabunga
Drizzle makes the world go round
Drizzle makes a lovely sound.
Drizzle in the misty gray
Make this bad world go away.

current mood: fit to be tied

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Saturday, March 22nd, 2003
4:43 pm - my mind right now
as clear and blank as an overcast sky
as featureless as a plain meringue pie
as empty as a field of snow
this blankness has a certain glow
you'd think I'm serene as a Buddhist monk
it's just that I'm very, very drunk.

current mood: profound

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Friday, March 21st, 2003
11:57 am - Boof
And that's all I'm going to say about it.

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Monday, March 17th, 2003
4:44 pm - Pea brained
How I feel in the face of this folly.

current mood: despairing

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Saturday, March 15th, 2003
1:01 pm - aha!
now is the time.....

to SING!

current mood: ashen faced

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10:02 am - Ultra cool website!
I was Googling around, trying to find some information on John "Bowtie" Barstow, the patron saint of the utterly tonedeaf, and I ran across this:


Go make some art!!!

current mood: thrilled

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Thursday, March 13th, 2003
2:27 pm - Say The Magic Words
"I can do this."

current mood: funkadoodelistic

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Monday, March 10th, 2003
6:28 pm - um
Every so often one finds to one's shock and surprise that words are coming out of one's mouth of which one has had absolutely no previous knowledge.

From where does this mysterious utterance really originate?

current mood: pensive

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